Reshad Feild (April 15th 1934 - May 31st 2016) is probably best known as an author of bestselling contemporary spiritual literature with the "Last Barrier" having been translated into many languages. However, this is just a small part of his wide range of activities (see biography) which have through more than 50 years of teaching tremendous influence on many individuals and conscious evolution as a whole in the East and the West. One might say that all his activities had a common subject: the science and the art of the individual. And of course, as he would always emphasize: there is no life without Breath. Thus the study and knowledge of the Breath - one with Spirit, once you know - has and will always be in the centre of his work. His love for life and for men is his love for God, since he knows that we are not separate from the One Absolute Being and that the Universe is created for man, whereas man is created for God.

Uncompromisingly, though always armed with his British humour, he has dedicated his life to the service of true seekers after truth as his teacher Bulent Rauf described his task in a letter when he sent Reshad to Vancouver, Canada in 1973. In his trilogy - The Last Barrier, To Know We are Loved and Going Home - he describes the adventures and struggles of his own search and the sacrifices, joy and beauty of a life teaching how to ask sincerely the eternal question: what is the purpose of life on earth and how can we best serve it?

Read about his life’s journey, listen to parts of his inspiring and challenging lectures and experience his music. A result of his associated scientific work are the products of q-met designed by Prof. Josef Huber (CH).

The inspirations offered on this site are the fruits of his long life of teaching, distilled by his yearning for truth – which in reality is God's yearning for us: “Oh David, My yearning for them is far greater than theirs can ever be for Me.”


Listen to Reshad Feild reading Rumi in a version by Coleman Barks and accompanied by violin music of Andrea Helesfai (copyright Chalice Publications, Switzerland)

A voice through the door

Sometimes you hear
a voice through the door
calling you,
as fish out of water
hear the waves,
or a hunting falcon
hears the drums come back.

This turning toward
what you deeply love
saves you.

Children fill their shirts
with rocks
and carry them around.
We’re not children anymore.

Read the book of your life
which has been given you.
A voice comes
to your soul saying:
“Lift your foot,
cross over,
move into the emptiness
of question and answer
and question.”

Mevlana Jelalu'ddin Rumi