Windows to the Heart

WINDOWS TO THE HEART.  Seed Ideas for Contemplation

Sayings and quotes from Reshad Feild, Bülent Rauf, Ibn 'Arabi, Rumi, Hafiz and other mystics that come from the essence of  inner teachings were put together, upon Reshad's suggestion, by seven members of the Circle into a fine booklet with 52 weekly themes.

The beautifully designed book with its black&white photos can inspire to contemplation, produce questions, or enrich our daily lives."

The booklet (in English or German) costs €16.50. 


The Flute Maker

PB. 19 pages. It is one of those true stories that sometimes arise in our lives to act as signpost along the Way. It is a story about both asking permission and living in the question. Like all real stories it can be understood on many levels. It is the story about a Native American Holy Man, and my search for a flute maker who understood the Breath...?


The Last barrier

NEW EDITION    A true story of a journey into ultimate reality Pb244 pp This classic work by Reshad Feild, tels the compelling story of his journey into an ancient and a powerfull spiritual path. Staring as a London antique dealer, Feild comes in contact with the enigmate Hamid, a sufi teacher who leads him into a world of mysterie,knowledges, and limitless love. On his journey, which take him to the mystical sites of Turkey, Feild is forced to confront him with his own inner weakness and falsehoods. Hamid take him again and again into the confrontation with the limits of his own being, onable to shed the false conditioning that lies between himself and his true nature.This edition featured a foreword by Coleman Barks the formost modem interprete of the Sufi poet Rumi, and the author's epiloque? Forty Years Later?


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The Big Red Book

The Great Masterpiece Celebrating Mystical Love and Friendship.
Odes and Quatrains from The Shams
The Collected Translations of Coleman Barks

HB. 492 pp.

"The book is for all those who love what Rumi and Shams love."
(Coleman Barks)


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The Book of Love

Poems of Ecstasy and Longing
Translation and commentary by Coleman Barks


"It's a mystery how heart can come into apparently simple English."
(Robert Bly)


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