Here you find all information about upcoming events in the context of the school. Further down on the page there is information on
regular open breathing groups in several European cities. Furthermore, there is a list of countries and regions where regional groups regularly meet to work with the material offered on this site.

Seminars and other events offered by friends of Chalice are also listed below and indicated as such.



Regional Groups

Group work is seen as an essential part of our work.
There are groups which meet regularly to work with the material offered on this site in the following countries and regions. For contact use the contact function on this website. 

The Münsterland Group offers meetings on Sundays in a two-weekly rhythm for common 

breath meditations and study of spiritual texts from different traditions.

They also use study material in text, sound and video by Reshad Feild.

There are also opportunities for personal exchange.

Here they invite you to download the dates of the Münsterland Group:



Matthias Buskamp


Austria : Vienna

Benelux : Brussels

United States : Santa Fé

Breathing Groups

Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Berlin, Germany

Norderstedt, Raum Hamburg, Germany


Two Bears

After a hard day's forage
Two bears sat together
in silence
On a beautiful vista
Watching the sun go down
And feeling deeply grateful
For life.

Though, after a while
A thought-provoking
conversation began
Which turned to the topic
of Fame.

The one bear said,
"Did you hear about Rustam?
He has become famous
And travels from city to city
In a golden cage;
He performs to hundreds
of people
Who laugh and applaud
His carnival

The other bear thought for
A few seconds

Then started

Hafiz, free rendering
by D. Ladinsky