Reshad Feild - Books

Among his many activities (see biography), Reshad Feild is probably best known as an author of very authentic spiritual literature. The first three books shown here are a trilogy of his own journey. In the "Last Barrier", today regarded as a classic of contemporary spiritual literature and translated into many languages, he describes how his own teacher Bulent Rauf  challenged him in every possible way (listen to some aspects of such a relationship) before he knew he could entrust him with a special task. Read Bulent's letter to Reshad that has ever since been a guideline for  Reshad's work.


The Last Barrier

Reshad Feild tells the compelling story of his journey into an ancient and powerful spiritual path. A hard-to-put-down adventure, this is a travelogue in more ways than one. Foreword by Coleman Barks.

To know we are loved

A beautiful and moving story and a sequel to the author’s acclaimed Last Barrier. An enlightening exploration of the Sufi tradition, it should be read by those who wonder about the nature of reality, the meaning of life and the mystery of love.

Going Home

“I was asked to write a book about what happened to me after my teacher sent me from my home in England to work abroad.” The completion of the trilogy that began with The Last Barrier and The Invisible Way.

Inner Work I, II & III

Inner Work I, II and III are treasure chests of invaluable richness. They contain the distillation of more than 50 years of Reshad Feild's work and indeed of many teachers who have gone before him.

The Alchemy of the Heart

Reshad Feild defines the task now facing us, and emphasizes that if this new world is to endure, it can only be built by Love. Giving up the pursuit of transient material concerns, we must each accept Love as the only Truth.

Breathing Alive

Out of print
If we become aware of the power of our breath we have the ability to bring about real change, both psychologically and potentially on a vast scale. But what is this breath that is fundamental to our very existence?

Steps to Freedom

“Once upon a time, when the world was very young, there was harmony. There was one rhythm, one breath, the breath of unity. The world turned. Once upon a time. But once upon that time, that one-moment, a new rhythm evolved...“

The Flute Maker

“It is one of those true stories that sometimes arise in our lives to act as signpoint along the Way. It is a story about both asking permission and living in the question. Like all real stories it can be understood on many levels. It is the story about a Native American Holy Man, and my search for a flute maker who understood the Breath...”

Reason is Powerless in the Expression of Love

“This is a book that the reader can open at random whenever he or she wishes – Maybe it will be in the spaces between the words that an answer can be found.”

The Purpose of Remembering

“So let us make every effort to wake up and remember that there is a purpose in remembering and that, ultimately, that purpose is the very essence and fuel for the Journey...” 



Sooner or later
Time changes.
Changes from
Opinion into love.
Sooner or later
Time changes.
Can we fit into it?
Can we move with it?
Can we dance with it?
Or do we miss
The sound?
Do we miss
the movement?

Reshad Feild